Wellness Core…a review by Delilah Littles

My name is Delilah Littles and I am a featured contributor here on Pet Health Life and today I would like to talk about the different food choices I have had, how each one affected my RDDI (Rich Diet Digestive Inconsistency) and the food that eventually helped fix my digestive problems.

My humans love me lots and buy the best food available to try and help me live the healthiest, longest life possible, unfortunately I have a very finicky stomach and have had a hard time properly digesting many premium dog foods.


My first real puppy food was Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe: I ate it up and it  was very tasty, filled with lots of vitamins and good ingredients, and feeding me this food gave my humans a real sense they were giving me the best diet possible; but I was not happy and had frequent bouts of digestive upset and loose stool. I think the food was just to rich and went right through me with very little absorption of nutrients. I would have bouts of diarrhea and just could not gain much weight… not good for a growing puppy. While I am sure Blue Buffalo is an excellent food for many puppies, it just was not working for me.

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Next came Solid Gold Hundchen Flocken Puppy (lamb):  Again a very tasty food rich in vitamins, minerals, and even some vegetables with no artificial products and it Ethoxyquin free according to their website. I truly did love the taste of Solid Gold but after a month or two I started getting runny stools again. My humans took me to the vet for a complete work up and it was even suggested that I might be suffering from EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency), which is a horrible disease that affects the pancreas and does not allow absorption of food nutrients into the digestive system. Luckily after a blood test that turned out not to be the problem…Pheew. My weight was still dropping and I was getting pretty skinny, not a great look on a Shiba Inu as I was hoping to be lean and strong like my friends.

Next food was Wellness Super5Mix for Puppies: We had really heard a lot of great things about the Wellness brand of food and though that maybe this will be the one to get me back on track. As with all the others I did like the taste, although maybe not as much as Solid Gold, but I still ate it all up after the food transition period.For the first few weeks I was having sift serve ice cream style poops, not so bad, definitely not as bad as the diarrhea that I had been working through. Then my human decided to add a medium strength enzyme formula combined with water to help with the digestion…and bingo hard pooplets day after day. What a relief it was to finally get to eat my food and digests all the nutrients. Perfection.  Pretty soon I turned 1 years old and it was decided (not by me mind you) that it was time to change my food again, this time to an adult formula. My humans decided to choose the Wellness Super5Mix for adult dogs and as you might already be thinking…that did not turn out so good. After the 12 day food transition my poops went from good to bad very quickly. Even though the ingredients seemed to be almost the same from the puppy mix to the adult mix I was having a hard time digesting the food again. The probiotics and the enzymes were helping quite a bit, but I would have bad days that were just down right BAD, and I started to lose weight again 🙁 My big human with the hairy face was at his wits end, very upset, and very worried for my health, but he just was not going to give up. After a lot of research  (I was in the meetings as well) we decided to give Wellness Core, a high protein grain free food, a try.



CORE Original RecipeCORE Original Recipe So Wellness Core Original – grain free, high protein, turkey and chicken flavor is what I eat now. I love the taste and smell, heck I even get this for treats when I do something good. My human mixes in a little bit of water so it breaks down more quickly in my digestive tract, and once a day I get a medium strength enzyme formula sprinkled on top just to keep things moving the way they should. I have thrived on this food and have gained all the weight I needed to be healthy and happy. I can even hold my own against my brother Rocco the Big. I have only tried the Chicken and Turkey flavor, but I bet the other flavors are good too. Thanks to Wellness Core my RDDI is under control and I am getting a premium diet product. I highly reccomend this food for dogs that have food allergies or easily upset stomachs.