They call me poop obsessed

by Dan Shouse My wife, my veterinarian, our friends, and my co-workers call me poop obsessed. Like there could really be such a thing, right? Just because I am constantly checking my pets stool for consistency or foreign matter, does that make me strange ? Recently I had to take my Shiba Inu to the

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Diatomaceous Earth for Pets.

What the heck is Diatomaceous Earth and why would I want to use it on, in or near my pet? Diatomaceous Earth is the fossilized remains of microscopic shells created by one celled organisms of algae like plants called Diatoms. Diatomaceous Earth has many protective uses, from use on household pets as a drying agent,

Wellness Core…a review by Delilah Littles

My name is Delilah Littles and I am a featured contributor here on Pet Health Life and today